The Spare Husband Jar Opener


For those moments when you just can't open that jar, simply add one of these to your kitchen! When there's no one else there to help and your tummy is rumbling, The Spare Husband is always ready, dependable, and tough (and easy to clean!)

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Fun Uses:

Even though he's a jar-opening expert, there are many other reasons you'd want him in the kitchen:

  1. He can firmly hold your mixing bowl in place.

  2. Like a knight in shining armor, he can protect your pots and pans from even a single scratch.

  3. He can tenderly care for your dining room table as he protects its surface from hot dishes (so you can finally sit down to that family dinner you've been dreaming of...happy family not included)

  4. You will amaze your friends as he makes you look like a capable Wonder Woman who seems to have found the secret to being practical AND stylish.

You'll be so thankful to have a Spare or two around!


  • Approx 6.5" x 6.5"


  • Shelf Liner

  • 100% cotton yarn


  • Hand wash with mild soap or in a laundry bag with cool water on gentle cycle.

  • Air dry

  • Do NOT tumble dry.

Handmade with joy and designed by Teresa Kay