Gift Giving

What Is A Meaningful Gift?

A meaningful gift is one that adds value.

Keep this general idea in mind whenever you’re giving to another person, a group or cause, or even to an organization. Try to make your giving something that will increase the current value of the receiver, be it a person or a business entity. Try to give something that will help the receiver further develop as a useful part of society.

For instance, if your receiver is an investment banker with a growing portfolio of assets and trade stock, then perhaps an optimized loan calculator or assessment tool software might be the perfect gift. Or how about a small portion of ownership in such a share of interest that he or she may find valuable? This is but one idea….

Or let’s say you’re giving a gift to a nonprofit church. How about some Bibles or tracts that this organization can hand to the needy? By giving the agency some of these, you can help it to cut back on its costs.                     

A meaningful gift is one that provides a sense of purpose.

“What am I doing here? What was I made for? What’s my sense of purpose or drive? Is it not more than just to live, make some money, change a few lives, and then eventually die? What else is there beyond all this?”

These, friend, are all fantastic questions ---- and the answer itself may even come in the form of a well-placed present, given when least expected. In other words, the receiver may not even know ---- or expect ---- that you are about to impart a gift, which may, actually, forever change his or her life! And that alone is one of the hidden beauties of giving: We NEVER know WHO we will touch!!!!!

A meaningful gift is one that strengthens relationships.

Build Relationships.png

Good gifts, given at the ideal place and time, can both help to form uniquely lasting bonds and even to strengthen existing ones altogether. There is simply no telling what kind of investment you are making into lifelong relationships when you give a gift to someone else. Let’s not forget that….

Furthermore, what one gives, one later receives. And it doesn’t always matter what is given. Sometimes, it’s just the mere thought behind the gift that says it all ---- and that, my friend, makes the gift meaningful in itself.   

A meaningful gift is one that welcomes change ---- or initiates it altogether….


Change starts with a simple act, even one highly unexpected and at the right moment, as I keep reiterating like a broken record. And consider this fact: More than 2,000 years ago, God ---- the Giver of all life and other good things ---- chose to GIVE the greatest gift He ever could by sending His Son Jesus Christ to earth, to live and to die for the sins of humanity. That sparked a change that the world today still talks about….

And more so, the gift was given to bring HIS ENEMIES LIFE! Think about that. Ask yourself: Would you ever give a meaningful gift to your worst enemy, sacrificing something or someone that cost you dearly, just so that this “enemy” may live and be better off???? The answer is likely “no”, as we are typically a selfish and greedy culture, but there’s something to think about nonetheless….         

Final Thoughts “On All This Mumbo Jumbo”: Don’t Stress; Pray Instead; Give from the Heart; Love Unconditionally; Forgive, and Be So Much More in This Life…                       

So consider our proven advice the next time you find yourself in a state of GIVING crisis. And remember to look up: The Good Lord has an answer for everything. So worry about nothing, and pray about everything; you will find that perfect solution to meet your present need head on! Believe it, and you’ll receive it. All good things do come in time, and from the Father above, the true Giver of all good things everywhere, the source from which every great blessing first finds its origins….

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