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Perfect Panaceas for a 'Panic Attack' in Progress

3 "P's" You Should Remember....



STOP and BREATHE: That is likely your VERY FIRST step as it’s what can control your lungs and help you think clearly, once more. So do not underestimate this crucial first step. In most instances, even the most ‘panicky’ victim is able to ---- with proper training and practice ---- pull himself or herself back to a state of normalized breathing and pulsation by merely closing both eyes and visually going to that place of perfect harmony. This “special place”, of course, can look like something different for each person.      



Prayer can move mountains, as they say, but that’s not all: Few, in fact, seem to have the tendency of viewing prayer as a close chat with a good, personal friend; God can be that friend, and what better friend than the One who knows all our sorrows and wishes to trade them all in for joy at the end of this long race called ‘Life’? He, of all people, has been in the “ups and downs” of life, mainly when He was here on earth. He’s the best invisible companion that one could have ---- need an imaginary friend?      



That anxious single mother trying to pay her overdue bills for previous months, that stressed-out CFO pushing to submit the final budget reports in order to keep his job, that sick college student seeking to end her life due to the pressures of her hopelessly painful illness ---- we all have something we need to persevere through. As they say, those who do find that “light at the end of the tunnel” and emerge stronger and wiser than they were before; that is the goal, until we all trade our sorrows for crowns at the feet of Jesus Christ, on that glorious day!        

The “Power” of Personal Relationships….

So, in the last point above, I just covered the importance of persevering when the going gets rough, in order to either find the solution or make it faithfully to the end of this life. But what about finding the right people you can persevere with, in the first place? I mean, no man is an island, right? No one is meant to endure the cruelties of this life alone ---- even the Son of God Himself hand-picked twelve special people to share His entire life with. And therein lies the beauty of fellowship: You can not do anything alone for long.

The Potency of “a Little Privacy”….

But on the flip side of this coin, we can likewise see that there really is a time and a place to be alone as well. The key to finding balance in the mental realm lies in ---- you guessed it --- finding balance. Too much or too little of anything is never good.

So in other words, when you face a panic attack or see someone doing so, remember to pause and find that “perfect place” (or help the other person do so), then pray (for yourself or them, or for both), then persevere! At the end of it all, remember to find a support group or individual you can rely on for this. But don’t forget the importance of having your own “solo quiet time”. Keep all things in balance….        

Final Thoughts on All This: Don’t Stress; Pray Instead; Give from the Heart; Love Unconditionally; Forgive, and Be So Much More in This Life…                    

So consider our proven advice the next time you find yourself in a state of crisis. And remember to look up: The Good Lord has an answer for everything. So worry about nothing, and pray about everything; you will find that perfect solution to meet your present need head on! Believe it, and you’ll receive it. All good things do come in time, and from the Father above, the true Giver of all good things everywhere, the source from which every great blessing first finds its origins….

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