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Nobody's Perfect! Time to Give More Grace

Finding GRACE in a World of EXPECTATIONS!!!!!!!!

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Let’s face it: Today’s over-competitive society is highly bombarded by the wrong messages, and it shows….

But we, as humans, can often fell prey to the false advertising thrown around, actually believing the lie that says that our own value is, in fact, based on how we perform.

Friend, it’s a trap! Don’t fall for it. You are loved by God just as you are….



Perhaps you’re familiar with the traditional hymn that sings:

“Grace, grace, God’s grace!
Grace that will pardon and cleanse within!
Grace, grace, God’s grace!  
Grace that is greater than all our sin!”      

Grace from on high ---- It is a timeless truth that even applies to our day and age, no matter how we feel….and feelings can deceive, can they not? And did you know that God’s grace is greater than all our sins? Now that’s a feeling I can bank on, even in my worst moments of apparent unworthiness. And we all have “those days”….      

“DO THIS! DO THAT!” Where’s the ‘GRACE’?

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The bottom line is this: If It’s grace, then it’s grace! Nuff’ said! If our own works could cleanse us from this body of sin, to begin with, then Christ wouldn’t have graciously gotten on that cross and held on to the end….cause I don’t think He just randomly chose to do it for pure fun or the mere thrill of it.

No, there was a purpose behind it, to save creatures that could not save themselves. I was not good enough. You were not good enough. Even the “best people” couldn't make the cut.


Thou Shalt “HAVE A LITTLE MORE GRACE” Every Now and Again….

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Grace is beautiful. And that’s an understatement. In fact, for certain people in certain situations, grace is everything. And we have to show it…..

When was the last time you forgave that often absent-minded employee for not turning in his meeting metrics report the second you asked for it?

Or how about a time someone accidentally spilled water or coffee on your table, getting some of it onto your precious shirt and pants?

Are these not the ideal instances that God so often allows for, in order for us to exercise some grace, mercy and compassion altogether? I believe they are….

Grace to Meet Every Flaw


Paul, who most would even consider the foremost Apostle of the New Testament, himself said that God’s strength can show up best in our worst of weaknesses. I am paraphrasing, of course, but isn’t that quite a thought to chew on???



But I do see that dazed look on your face as you read this for the first time. So let me put a ‘little spin’ of additional perspective on it…..

And Yet Even More on This Wonderful GRACE!

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For those of you who simply can’t get enough ---- and I’m speaking to myself here as well ---- there’s more!!!!

God works in mysterious ways. Always has. Always will. That’s why He’s God!

But that’s not even the best part….

He also carries a very strong sense of humor, meaning that He often chooses to put “considerably wise or strong” people to shame at the LEAST expected of moments. Think of David and Goliath, for instance; get the picture? He can do the same with you!!!

Furthermore, if our work strength, good behavior or works could’ve been enough to get the job done, then there would be no need for grace, in fact, no reason for it to exist. But our God likes to get glory out of the seemingly impossible. That’s where grace shows up!        




Author Bio: Efrain E. Silva

Efrain is an avid freelance writer and an even more avid “weekend outdoorsman” and “water sports go-getter”: He works hard but plays even harder, firmly believing in the proper balance that should remain between the two. He is whacky and adventurous when the time calls for it, never afraid to pick up a pen (or keyboard) and put the adventure on paper as well. Find out more by visiting his blog right here.          


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