Gift Giving

How Giving a gift can actually Be a gift, both In and Of itself!

Why is it better, as some say, to give than to receive?

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The ‘Therapy’ of It All

Well, maybe it comes from the notion that GIVING IS RECEIVING. And perhaps people can now know us by how we give, making for a solid legacy to live by. In other words, is it not better to give a lasting testimony than it is to receive present upon present (leading to a circular feeling only leaving wanting more in the end, but with no permanent satisfaction)?

But giving, you see, plays quite an intriguing domino effect on the mind: The more you give, the more you WANT to give. At least, that’s the cause-and-effect reaction typically brought about….

And, notably, it’s been found that GIVING provides a form of release not compared with many other things in this lifetime…..and for many, to release is to let go or to give. So it’s a therapeutic effect.   

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

They say that those who give to others invest in these relationships, as well. And when you think about it, any type of investment generally tends to have a few returns of its own, from time to time: Generosity is truly the gift that keeps on giving. And who knows? Maybe your gift can start a cycle of repeat giving, whether to this same person or to others in your life whom you may newly identify as “in need of a gift”. Think hard and deep: Whom have you not given a gift to in a long time, someone who is going through a rough time as we speak, perhaps?

Who is overdue for a gift? Invest in these relationships, be they new or old. Consider multitudinous gifts for diverse personas! Most importantly, give from the heart, and keep your giving alive every season of the year!

What Comes Around Goes Around ---- And Vice Versa

Yes, yes, yes ---- it’s no secret that, when you give, you eventually tend to receive. Think of it as a lovely “boomerang effect”, which it is. Jesus Himself even stated that, when you give abundantly, abundantly you receive ---- at some point in your life. But let’s not give for that reason alone….

Let’s give, not because we need it, or even because it may therapeutically feel wonderful for us; let’s give because it’s right. Let’s give because this world is broken. And it certainly needs the love that comes from giving, a love that should never be put out!

The “Golden Rule” Behind This

You’ve heard of the Golden Rule, right? In a nutshell, it’s this ---- treat other human beings however you’d like them to treat you. Sounds simple, right? And it is, but it might take some practice if we’re not used to applying it practically in our everyday lives already….

Think of the ONE physical, or even intangible, GIFT that you’d like to receive more than anything else in this world. Now, imagine yourself giving it to someone else and watching the glowing expression on their face as they begin to unwrap. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it, especially since it was your idea all along? I knew you had it in you ---- I simply reawoke your idea and desire for it by planting the new thought in your head!!!!     

Final Thoughts on All This “Mumbo Jumbo” : Don’t Stress, Pray Instead, Give from the Heart, and So Much More…    

So consider our proven advice the next time you find yourself in a “present pickle”. And remember to look up: The Good Lord has an answer for everything. So worry about nothing, and pray about everything; you will find that perfect gift. Believe it, and you’ll receive it (actually, the other party will actually do the receiving, but you get the idea). All good things do come in time, and from the Father above, the true Giver of all gifts everywhere, the source from which every great present first originates.


Author Bio: Efrain E. Silva
Efrain is an avid freelance writer and an even more avid “weekend outdoorsman” and “water sports go-getter”: He works hard but plays even harder, firmly believing in the proper balance that should remain between the two. He is whacky and adventurous when the time calls for it, never afraid to pick up a pen (or keyboard) and put the adventure on paper as well. Find out more by visiting his blog right here.


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