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Brain Balance & Beyond: Achieving That Perfect Mental State


It’d be no lie to say that one in every three Americans now fights against the ongoing assault known as mental infirmity, regardless of the form it chooses to take on and manifest itself through; anxiety, OCD, ADHD, depression, suicidal thoughts ---- you get the picture. And it only seems like the solution is further and further away. But what about the cause? How many people have tried to attack the root of the issue and used this as a valid starting point?

Demonic activity, trauma, unhealthy eating habits, toxic relationships or work/home environments, war, hereditary diseases ---- you name it. The world is plagued with these. And it’s now become harder than ever for more than two-thirds of the human population to not fall prey at some point! In fact, we are all vulnerable ‘sitting targets’ whether we want to be or not….

And there are SO many things we can stress about…….

The color of the sky --- or lack thereof --- the outfit my partner is wearing, the bonus I didn’t receive at work this month, the car that won’t start every time the key is put in the ignition, my failing grades leading to a lost scholarship, my relational break-up, my growing anxiety about all this, etc. You get the idea. But will it ever end?


If you have openly admitted this, either to yourself or to others around you ---- or even to both ---- then the good news is that you’ve taken the first step. Yes. You read correctly.

The very first step to getting rid of any mental problem, according to countless experts, can be admitting that it’s there, acknowledging that you have it, to begin with. And for some, this may be easier than for others, but it must still be done if progress is to happen.

Then, after admitting that you have a problem, you take the next step. You get help. You find a solution the works best for you. And there are many you can try as we’ll see just below….


Then let’s find some therapy that works! Here’s a few proven remedies that, when used consistently for a longer period of time ---- the more, the merrier --- always yield some positive results!

  • Biofeedback - This involves looking inward before all else. It internally analyzes your mood swings, behavioral resonance and much more. There is nothing else on earth quite like it, and that’s understating….
  • Brain-wave and resonance therapy - With all the growing positive research to support the benefits of modern forms of therapy like these, many would argue it’s worth a shot to give it all a try. I’m no doctor but still suggest it can’t hurt to look into it. Start online….
  • Spiritual practice/guided meditation with a profound state of tranquility - This one is explosively powerful, especially when done long-term. In fact, just let it become a lifelong habit, and it may quickly become one of the things you most anticipate as you look forward to your day ahead. This one is highly underrated for all it’s worth, one not explored with enough urgency, and it has even proven more effective than certain OTC medications; now, what do you think of that?
  • Faith in the Higher Power - This one is also one that’s highly taken for granted: The power of faith and prayer can go a long way, for anyone who believes in a Higher Power and even for those who don’t. To simply place all one’s cares, concerns, worries, issues, struggles, joys, victories, and basically all else, within the hands of a loving, all-powerful and all-knowing Creator can certainly ease many tensions. The feeling is unparalleled.  
  • “Deep breath” intake of essential oils for healing and calm/mental clarity - When you breathe in some lavender, your world will soon change, and only for the better, as this sensational aromatherapy oil is made for the very purpose of keeping you calm and blissful at all times. Put it in a diffuser, and let the aroma fill your room all day long. If you work in an office or cubicle, bring it with you and plug it into a nearby outlet as you breathe in the healthy air and slowly breathe out whatever stress your body has been holding onto. It’s no joke; it works, and so do several other flavors”.
  • A balanced diet - The crucial importance of this one alone cannot be overstressed, and never is: Eating a proper diet rich in carbs, calories, healthy fats, proteins, fiber, Omegas, and other vitamins and minerals can be everything your mind and body needs in order to carry out its regular functions with ease and tranquility. Your body, as designed by God, does want to keep itself healthy and well for you, and in seeking such a goal, it will tell you what it needs. Only you can help it meet its health goals by staying away from junk foods or drinks and feeding yourself well.   
  • Sufficient sleep - Grouchy cat got your tongue? It’s perhaps because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, so seriously reconsider the consequences of doing so before you decide to stay up ti’ 3 am watching that favorite sitcom or simply playing multiplayer Call of Duty: Ask yourself if your health can afford to suffer another night as a result of you doing so; usually, it’s a matter of prioritizing, and of what we place the most importance to ---- you can still watch that favorite movie or show, or play that awesome game, the following day. But can you recover lost sleep? The answer is no!   
  • A continuous exercise routine that is both wholesome and balanced - This alone speaks for itself in more ways than one. For instance, everyone knows that it’s healthy to exercise, but not everyone does it: Ignorance, laziness, a crazy mix of the two, busyness, or ANYTHING ELSE --- something simply gets in the way, and we forget to exercise. We also forget how crucial it is to our body’s many other functions as well; did you know that properly exercising can even help your body regulate its stress-control, sleep, digestion and other functions? No lie, exercise is not a mere commodity. It’s a must!
  • Talk Therapy - Talk to God about your problems; talk to yourself; talk to an angel or an imaginary friend that only you know of; talk to your best friend, spouse, family member or even to a professional psychiatrist. He or she can help and will often allow you to see things from a perspective that you more than likely may have missed altogether ---- that’s the beauty of getting a second opinion. And there’s an unbelievable weight that rolls off the shoulders of those who simply talk it out and have someone to listen!      So talk it all out!!!             
  • Music Therapy - Never undervalue the influential power that music can have, especially if it is of the most positive kind, one speaking directly speak to your situation. Music has, after all, changed the world many time ---- just think of your favorite singer, group, music style or genre, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some of the greatest men & women in the world were inspired by a song, verse or prose, at some point in time or another, and many others acted based on that. There is likewise a soothing, healing power behind certain lyrics that can spark an inner change in even the most downcast individual out there!     
  • Shatter Therapy - Try this one responsibly, and preferably with someone by your side to keep you accountable and responsible, since this form of therapy includes, as hinted in its very name, the act (or “art”) of shattering or breaking something as a form of release. This can be a glass bottle, which you later hope to recycle, a piece of paper, or just about anything else. Or stand on a few bubble cartons and smash them under your feet, one by one, until you hear them pop with a loud burst; the action will offer you a unique, healthy release.
  • Philanthropy with a purpose - Step outside your own world of hurt or even your deepest comfort zones, and go do something for someone else; you’ll be astounded at how refreshingly good it’ll feel. Volunteer for a local or foreign cause you care about, or if time is an issue, donate some money instead ---- consider all your problems as minor for a day, especially in contrast to the plethora of major world events that others have to face on a daily basis. Consider some of the worst places and problems in the world, and be thankful they are not your own. Now, how does it feel?   

FINAL THOUGHTS….          

So remember this advice the next time you find yourself in a serious mental pickle. It’s no joke. Start by reaching out for help. There are good people who want to help you, not to judge you. Nobody’s perfect.    

Afterward, carefully pick apart the list of suggestions I have offered above, each under its own bullet point: There’s got to be something there that applies to you. These are, after all, numerous solutions that have worked miraculously for numerous people. Try and see what sticks….

And, of course, remember to look up: The Good Lord has an answer for everything. So worry about nothing, and pray about everything as you find the opportunity to do so; you will receive that perfect answer from heaven in due time. Believe it, and you’ll receive it. All good things do come in time, and from the Father above, the true Giver of all gifts everywhere, the source from which every good thing first originates.                                        

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