Summer Challenge 2018

Summer Challenge 2018 - Introduction

The Adventure Begins

I have decided that life was not exciting enough. A vlogging challenge was what I needed! So this summer, starting today, I will be vlogging daily to show you what I've been up to and how quickly my orders are coming along. You'll get to watch each step of these wonderful creations' production with the added bonus of some of our family shenanigans.

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Hey guys!

So I've been doing a lot of thinking and I've been struggling with the fact that I have a lot of people still waiting for their orders and that really bothers me because I want to get those orders out.

Seeing that I'm the only one that runs this business and I'm the only one who, at moment, makes the amigurumi, which are the stuffed animals, I've been trying to balance between doing website design, Facebook posts, uploading things and that makes it really hard to produce but i also know how important videos are and having blog posts and Facebook posts and all these other things that are involved with doing this business. It's hard to sit down and plan out an additional video on top of all that so I thought I'd make it simple.

This summer I want to know if you guys would like to join me and help keep me accountable to something I want to call the Summer Challenge and I have an amount of orders...let me see...I think it's written...

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven. Eleven items it looks like that I need to have done for people who didn't...wait I don't know now...maybe there's more...

Wait...eleven items. I was right. Sorry.

Eleven items I need to have done like yesterday. I'm wanting to know, would you like to join me in seeing if i can get these things done before the first of September?

Now I'm thinking what I'm going to do is create a daily vlog. I'll tell you guys what I've been up to, how my day has gone, the shenanigans and drama that I live with having adult ADHD and a marriage and three kids who are seven, four and two, running a house, being a stay at home moms, going to church and all those things. all the responsibilities; all that stuff added all together and see if I can still accomplish getting all these orders out.

So right now I have an octopus I'm trying to finish him up. All he needs are his eyes finished. I'm hoping I'm going to get those done tonight. I already made a little video clip. I'm hoping that I will be able to make another one before the end of the evening to post for you and you can see what day one was like.

If you like the idea of this, comment below or hit the like button. Share with your friends. See if they want to join in. Hey, make bets for all I care. [nervous laugh] See if I can get these done.
But I know that with you guys watching me and knowing how important it is to me for these people to be able to see their items and have them finally and be able to love on them...

I mean, they're like this. Some bigger, some smaller but cute. Cute, right? I mean, who wouldn't want this in their home?

I want to get these done and I want to make sure people are getting these in their home and I'm looking to you to help keep me accountable. So if I don't post a video someday? I mean,dude, be like 'hey, lady. Where's the video? How come we haven't seen today's video?'

Hopefully you will be entertained. i don't plan on doing tons of editing because that takes a lot of time that i don't have so you're going to get the all out raw (sorry) family situation, raw daily life so I hope you like it. Hope we have fun. Hope i have a lot of fun while I'm trying to get this stuff done and let's see how the summer goes.

So today, what is it? The fourteenth? Day one of the challenge...June fourteenth, right? Yeah. June fourteenth.

June fourteenth. Day One. Here we go. Daily vlog. For you guys. For Triple A Crochet.

[Nervous laugh] Yeah. Help keep this ADHD lady accountable, gettin' stuff done.

yeah i look forward to it. I look forward to sharing with you how crazy
using this life can be and hopefully it helps makes some of you feel a little normal or even better! Hopefully you feel better about yourself because either you're just as crazy as i am or hopefully you've got it together more than I do because sometimes I feel like I probably lost my mind somewhere back and like third grade and I won't ever find it again.

Anyway, I look forward to chillin' with you guys, sharing my life with you. [whispers] Say some prayers.

Alright, I will talk to you guys soon, post a video tonight and I look forward to this challenge.