The Full Moogly Interview

Moogly Interview

Questions & Answers

Name: Tamara Kelly

Age: 42

Location: Iowa

Business/Shop/Blog Name: Moogly


Please give a brief description of yourself and your shop.

Moogly is all about crochet (with a little bit of knitting and crafting mixed in)! On Moogly we share giveaways, tutorials, free original patterns, and host a yearlong Crochet Along, now in it’s fifth year.

What type of patterns you design the most?

Mostly crochet, but after that it’s all over the place. I probably have more scarves/cowls and blankets than anything!


When did you start crocheting?

Late 2001/early 2002 (I had just had a baby, I don’t remember much else!)

Does anyone else in your family crochet?



What inspired you to begin designing your own patterns?

I was selling finished items, and other crocheters started noticing and asking for the patterns. So I tried my hand at writing them, and found that I liked this career path even more!

When did you start selling/sharing your patterns?

I had a very simple washcloth on my site before I even launched it as a crochet blog, but I really started writing patterns in earnest in 2012.

What made you decide to start selling/posting on the site that you have?

I had tried mommy blogging with Moogly several years before re-launching it as a crochet blog – so it was already there and waiting when I decided to start the crochet site. Luckily, I still liked the name!

Start Up

What did you have to overcome first starting out?

I think the biggest thing I fight, both then and now, is Impostor Syndrome. I’m naturally not a terribly confident person – and I’m very shy in person too!

What has been the most challenging part about designing and writing your own patterns specifically?

I think for me it’s that I can see about 5 different ways to write any given line of instruction – all actually correct. So finding the best way, and the most consistent way, is always a challenge for me.

Do you use pattern testers before you publish?

I have, but I don’t always – I’m not usually that far ahead!

How do you come up with the names for your designs?

Another tough one! I have looked at candle names, popular baby name lists… it’s usually the last part of the pattern for me, often decided at the very last minute!

Personal Work

What was the first item you ever crocheted? Why?

I started out making a simple sc scarf, but got bored before it became a scarf – so I turned it into a purse, complete with strap! I guess maybe designing was always my destiny!

What was the first amigurumi you’ve made? Why? (If applicable)

I think it was a little turtle that I just made up myself – probably to amuse my daughter when she was a toddler!

What is your inspiration for your designs?

My kids used to be a big inspiration – they used to have a lot of requests! Now that they’re older and I’ve been designing awhile, I find the ideas just come – often it’s the yarn itself that inspires me! I also keep a list of design ideas to refer to whenever I start to feel stuck or un-creative.

Do each of your designs have a story behind them? What is your favorite story?

No, sometimes it’s just something pretty or an idea I wanted to explore!

Personal Favorites

What was your most favorite amigurumi to make (if different from above)?

I don’t make many anymore, in fact I don’t think I’ve made one since I started crocheting professionally!

What type of yarn fiber do you use the most?

Acrylic – with 3 kids and a dog, it’s the logical choice!

Any favorite yarn brands?

I cannot answer this for legal reasons.

Do you like using safety eyes or embroidered? What brand of safety eyes do you use if applicable?

When my kids were little, I was all about embroidering them on for safety's sake, but I do love the ease of safety eyes – and the look!

Do you have a favorite quote or bible verse that encourages you when life and/or business gets tough?

I have one that I use to remind myself to slow down, though I don’t know who said it and I’m probably butchering it: “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you have have time to fix it?”


Where do you see yourself in the future? Any special goals or dreams?

I am always striving for work/life balance… wish me luck!

What is something you have been hoping to make that you haven’t had a chance to yet?

I finally designed my first adult sweater at the end of last year, so I’m excited to continue exploring adult garments this year!

Any secret hints on what you are designing next?

Right now I’m finishing up a super graphic blanket I’m very excited about that will end up on Moogly, and planning a special pattern for the Crochet Guild of America!

Just For Fun

What are three unique fun facts about yourself?

I have a degree in Psychology, I am an anti-hoarder… except when it comes to craft supplies..., and last year I lost over 100 lbs.


Where can we follow you or contact you at?

Where can we buy/find your patterns?