Company Updates

Random Authenticity

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the year 2018 as it gets closer and the word authentic just keeps coming to mind over and over. Since to me authentic means letting people see you as you really are, I decided to go live on Facebook in the middle of my normal everyday life to talk about some of the thoughts I have been considering.

(Please pardon the minor interruption in the video. My internet connection had gotten weak. Sorry for the annoyance.)

Some of the things I would love to accomplish in 2018 would be:

  • faster order production
  • regular blogging
  • consistent product reveals
  • monthly giveaways
  • amigurumi academy
  • the #authenticitychallenge2018
  • be a more authentic person and business
  • slow down and plan out the future
  • make purposeful actions

What are you hoping to accomplish in the year 2018?